Engagement Manager
Each customer is assigned an Engagement Manager who manages the relationship throughout each project. This ensures that the customer’s needs are understood from beginning to end.

Project Manager
A Project Manager designs the road map for ensuring success, puts milestones in place to measure success, and holds the team members accountable for delivering defined success. Many times the customer will provide an internal Project Manager to work with an Upgrade IT Consulting Services Engagement Manager and Technical Architect. Regardless of the source, a Project Manager is a critical part of the success of each project.

Technical Architect
A Technical Architect is responsible for understanding the existing technology solution, the business needs required, and the future technology solution required to meet the business needs. The Technical Architect is required for designing the technical bridge from the current technology environment to the future technology solution.

Technical Lead
The Technical Lead on each project is responsible for understanding the road map for measuring success, the bridge to the future technology solution, and the technical components necessary to achieve success. The Technical Lead is also responsible for assigning tasks to the Technical Engineers and measuring the accuracy and efficiency of performing the assigned tasks on the associated project.

Technical Engineers
These are the individuals who understand the input of the Project Manager and Technical Architect, but take direction from the Technical Lead in regards to task assignment and completion timelines.


Private Training
Private Training is critical for the success of every business. Each business has knowledge needs around the products that comprise their technology solution. Upgrade IT Consulting Services is skilled at understanding these knowledge needs and providing all aspects of the training experience to meet the needs of a company for a dedicated, private class.

Often companies have knowledge transfer needs for 1-3 individuals that are more hands on than classroom oriented. Upgrade IT Consulting Services provides this type of knowledge transfer which allows key individuals within a company to come up to speed more quickly.


Microsoft Active Directory
Microsoft Clustering
Microsoft Exchange
Microsoft Metadirectory/MIIS
Microsoft ISA
Microsoft DNS
Microsoft Sharepoint
Microsoft IIS
All Microsoft Networking Services
Cisco Networking Equipment
Astaro Firewalls
Sonic Firewalls


Microsoft SQL
Microsoft Access


Microsoft Pre-.Net (COM,ActiveX)
Microsoft .Net